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Fatal shooting – Hillsdale neighborhood watch

There was a fatal shooting around 3:39am Sunday morning near the intersection of North Druid Hills Rd and North Cliff Valley Rd in proximity to Lenox Park entrance/Cross Keys High School.

Brookhaven Police are looking for help with resident security camera video or audio between 3:35a and 3:45a on Sunday, Oct. 30, that may show any vehicular or pedestrian traffic approaching or leaving the intersection of NDH and NCVW.

If you have any information you think related to this incident, please contact Det. Avelar immediately using info below.

The assigned detective contact info is below. Please share with your neighbors. BPD is looking for any information that may help.

If you have a door camera facing NDH Rd, especially, pls check your recordings between Sunday 3:35a and 3:45a for any vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

If you have video or audio or any other info, call Det. Avelar now.

Detective Jose Avelar
Criminal Investigation Division

Brookhaven Police Department
 (404) 637-0626 📱 (770) 359-7775

2665 Buford Hwy.|Brookhaven, GA|30324