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    Kim Gokce
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    Leader, Coach, Trainer, Servant
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    +1 678-361-4200
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    Atlanta, GA USA
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    You have to play to learn. You have to lose to master.
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bridging gaps

Bridging the gap

Leadership is required at all levels to drive organizational change. Goals provide direction.
People’s habits propel progress, while bad habits lead to regression.
Effective leadership lies in discerning and consistently driving the right habits.

Kim Ellis Gökçe

The below are the primary ways I can help your organization establish and drive good habits while bridging the gap. Book an intake session with me today to discuss your challenge areas.

  • Leadership & People Management: DE&I Principles & Practices, Building Networks, Public Speaking, Coaching
  • Project & Program Management: PMO Ops, Product & Portfolio Management, Agile, SDLC, OKRs, KPIs
  • Capabilities, Transformation, & Innovation: Digital Transformation, Assessment & Strategies, Emerging Technology
  • Learning & Development: Competency Models, Pathways Design, Lead Workshops, Social Learning
  • Technical Skills: Digital Native, Social Media, Application Development, Data Analysis, AI & Prompt Engineering

Whether you are looking for a single consultation to help you build a strategy, or whether you are looking for an ongoing collaboration, let’s get started when you are ready! -Kim